Big News! Horion was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise

2020-04-24 14:29:50
Abstract:Horion was recently awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise, a significant recognition of our innovation capability in high-tech research and development.

Horion was recently awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise, a significant recognition of our innovation capability in high-tech research and development, as well as our ability in market development and corporate management. And this honor is a great encouragement to all Horion members.


What is a High-tech Enterprise


It refers to an enterprise that promotes the development of new fields through technological invention, or an enterprise that brings in innovation in old fields.


A High-tech Enterprise refers to a resident enterprise within the scope of Government Supported Key High-tech Fields that have established core independent intellectual property rights through continuous research and development and technological achievement transformation. These enterprises are knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economic entities.


Horion is within the field of electronic information technology, which is one of the 8 technology fields listed in Government Supported Key High-tech Fields. And our intellectual property covers software technology, microelectronics technology, computer and network technology, communication technology, radio and television technology, new electronic components, information security technology and more.


What is required of being a High-tech Enterprise?


Core Independent Intellectual Property Rights: core independent intellectual property rights such as patents, software copyrights, exclusive rights for layout design of integrated circuits, and new variety rights of plants.


Six software copyrights is required for full marks. Through long-term capital investment in R & D and continuous talent introduction, Horion's R & D capabilities are among the best in the field. Thus Horion got full marks in this aspect, as it has already obtained more than six software copyrights.

Part of Horion Patents


Transformation of scientific and technological achievements: it refers to the ability to transform an enterprise's core independent intellectual property rights into products and services. This is quite a high bar as more than 5 items each year for 3 consecutive years is required.


Our interactive flat panel has evolved from the first generation M1 to the forthcoming fourth generation. These products offer a variety of great services including software and hardware, and have served countless customers and gained market recognition. These achievements make it easy for us to meet this requirement.


Corporate management: It focuses more on the management of research and development, not just the daily operation of the enterprise.


Horion has built an excellent R & D team through cooperation with many colleges and universities as well as relentless efforts in introducing high-end R & D facilities and equipment, perfect R & D personnel performance evaluation system, and sophisticated R & D investment accounting system.


Horion R&D scenes


Enterprise growth: Horion's sales have been increasing annually since its inception. The online and offline channels and great service have won praise from users. It fully meets the criteria in terms of growth and market potential.

We couldn't have made it without the joint efforts of each and every Horion member. This award is a great honor, and also an encouragement that drives us to work harder in 2020.