Cheering with Heineken, Horion Empowers Corporate Transformation and Upgrade

2020-08-27 16:20:11
Abstract:The pandemic black swan has made it more difficult for enterprises to transform and upgrade. Breaking through the dilemma requires not only changes of enterprise itself, but also seizing market opportunities to explore new possibilities.

The pandemic black swan has made it more difficult for enterprises to transform and upgrade. Breaking through the dilemma requires not only changes of enterprise itself, but also seizing market opportunities to explore new possibilities. The primary requirement for transformation and upgrade is to adapt to new personalized, quality markets, and information and intelligent collaboration.


To realize the intelligent upgrade of enterprises, it is necessary to adapt to the requirements of new collaboration methods: that is, a smooth information dissemination medium and a professional team work method. Based on the basic functions of screen casting, Horion Interactive Flat Panel can be connected to multiple ports, build a complete office information dissemination ecological chain from meeting decision-making to execution, realize the efficient flow of information, and cultivate efficient office collaborative approach through simple human-computer interaction, empowering team work.


01  More professional meeting decisions

In traditional meetings, the information storage method is relatively rough, and important content written on the blackboard cannot be well preserved, it is recorded by taking photos, and it is often stored in the photo album and has never been used, the efficiency of storage and reading is very low, leading to meeting decision-making details cannot be well supervised and executed.


Horion Interactive Flat Panel, can record key meeting notes, without missing any subtle inspiration. Meeting documents can be annotated in time, and key points can be easily marked. The complete meeting notes can be saved to the Horion enterprise cloud to form meeting decision-making notes, which is convenient for supervisors to check. It can also be saved to the mobile phone by scanning the QR code for viewing at any time.


Heineken is a world-renowned beer brand. As a traditional beer enterprise, Heineken Vietnam is also facing transformation and upgrade to meet the needs of global cooperation. Taking Horion Interactive Flat Panel as the center, building a modern smart conference center can help Heineken Vietnam make more professional conference decisions and empower enterprises with intelligence.


Horion Interactive Flat Panel has powerful functions and also performs well in video conference scenarios. Heineken is a global enterprise. The cooperation and communication of various regions can greatly improve collaboration efficiency and save conference costs through online video conferences.


▲Horion empowers Heineken Vietnam's smart meeting room


02 Empowering live streaming, pioneering corporate innovation

The offline transaction of grocery shopping is extremely scenario-sticky. During pandemic, online grocery shopping methods such as community group buying have changed our lifestyle and created new consumption methods. When market demand changes, companies failed to keep pace with the times to meet market changes will face the risk of being eliminated.


During pandemic, live streaming E-commerce has become extremely popular, it has caused more companies to seek new innovative channels in marketing methods, and many companies have tried live streaming E-commerce. Horion Interactive Flat Panel has multiple application scenarios, which can enrich the live streaming performance methods and enhance the image of the live streaming room.


▲Horion Interactive Flat Panel empowers a Hefei enterprise in live streaming E-commerce

The 4K large screen assists the live streaming demonstration, which can realize the live streaming theme poster display, product functions, promotions, scene construction, user interaction and other scenario functions, helping enterprises to expand live streaming E-commerce and empower corporate marketing.


03 Build a smart information dissemination system

With the rapid development of 5G and artificial intelligence, the speed of information dissemination is getting faster and faster, and the capacity is increasing. Therefore, how to efficiently disseminate and create information is the key to efficient collaboration for technology companies.


For technology companies, an intelligent information dissemination system is of great significance to product development, strategic planning, and corporate image building. Through the online system + Horion Interactive Flat Panel's software and hardware combination, the latest product system and functions of the enterprise can be updated and displayed in time, and a bridge for efficient communication can be built between the enterprise and customers.


 ▲A large display panel of a technology enterprise in Qingdao


Horion Interactive Flat Panel + enterprise cloud solution can realize the safe storage and reading of information, forming an efficient and safe information dissemination chain within the enterprise. Horion Interactive Flat Panel can be interconnected with mobile devices, laptops and other terminal devices to achieve two-way information flow.


At the same time, permission-level interconnection can also be realized between the enterprise cloud and terminal devices to realize information reading. A complete information dissemination ecology is established based on scenarios such as R&D data preservation, meeting notes preservation, and safe distribution reading.

▲Horion smart meeting room of a Qingdao technology enterprise


The new office ecology brought about by smart upgrades: more and more frequent interactions between multiple devices, efficient and safe information dissemination, new collaboration methods, and more professional meetings. This requires that hardware devices can smoothly access more use scenarios. Horion takes the Interactive Flat Panel as the center + conference doorplate, Horion enterprise cloud and smart system as a system to fully empower enterprises to upgrade their smart office.