Multi scenario application of interactive display brings more market increments

2021-04-29 11:00:59
Abstract:On April 16, the 2021 DISCIEN Commercial Display Prospect Seminar was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). At the conference, the main line of sharing was the display panel of upstream, interactive tablet, large screen splicing and advertising machine, and four related reports and several analysis conclusions were published. Zhang Cheng, a senior analyst at DISCIEN, concluded that the conference market needs to value the products' freely handling and the emergence of scenes outside the conference room, while the education market needs to emphasize the potentiality of both preschool and high school, the education and training market, and also needs to focus the huge space in the overseas market.

On April 16, the 2021 DISCIEN Commercial Display Prospect Seminar, hosted by DISCIEN, was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). The theme of the conference of DISCIEN is "Spring", focusing on two major directions: grasp the fluctuating relationships of change and forward-looking industrial development trend with main line of the conference sharing in terms of upstream commercial display, interactive flat panel, large screen splicing and advertising machine. In this conference, four related reports and several analysis conclusions were published.

Qu Beilei, senior analyst of DISCIEN, delivered an exchange speech at the conference with the theme of "Current Situation and Trend Prospects of the Global Commercial Display Panel Market in 2021 - Grasping the fluctuating relationships under the Change of Supply, Demand and Products". She said that under the environment of "lack of chips and screens", it is the key to correctly grasp the fluctuating relationships of supply, demand and products. In this speech, she shared that the supply and demand ratio of the global wafer at the supply end will reach the lowest point in the third quarter, the panic caused by successive accidents in the glass factory on the downstream is greater than its actual impact, and the exit and entry of the panel factory will accelerate the shuffling of the industry; demand-side COVID-19 pandemic situation and currency overshoot pull up consumer electronic demand to seize the production capacity of commercial panel, brand entry has occurred in various product fields of commercial display, scene applications are emerged and other changes.

In addition, Qu Beilei said that due to the seizing of production capacity by TV products, the price of 86-inch interactive large-screen panel may rise to the fourth quarter without increasing more panel production capacity of more than 80 inches in the factories, and the price inflection point is earlier than that of 55/65/75 inches; the price of liquid crystal splicing panel UNB/EXNB products may rise to at least the third quarter due to SDC withdrawal, IC shortage, greater technical difficulty of narrow sewing and other factors; the price trend of advertising machine panel is consistent with the trend of TV panel, and it is expected to usher in the price inflection point from July to August. In cell/on cell touch control, double splicing and special shape of interactive large screen; narrow split OC assembly products of liquid crystal splicing and Mini LED backlight splicing; the large size 8K of advertising machine, outdoor wide temperature, Gaming and other products need the brand end to pay close attention to its development progress.

Zhang Cheng, a senior analyst at DISCIEN delivered the speech on theme of "Current Situation and Trend Prospects of Global Interactive Large Screen Market in 2021 - From the Inside to the Outside of Interactive Large Screens". The global interactive large screen market continues to see a rise of more than 10% in 2020, but from both ends of the education and conference, the brand structure is divided, with the education market further converging on the giants, while the conference market is beginning to segmented as each giant enters, for which, market share for TOP 5 exceeds 50%.

In the conference market, there is a phenomenon that many various brands from traditional brands to new emerged brands have entered the interactive flat panel field; at the same time, the product logic is also quietly changing, from the completely separated display, pickup and camera to All-in-One products. With the gradual promotion of All-in-One products, it is found that it cannot fully meet the diverse meeting scenarios. In the future, interactive flat panel products will change to the direction of freely handling various accessories; and in the future, the interactive flat panels will not be limited to the use of conference room scenes. Instead, it shifts to multi-scenario applications. According to DISCIEN's data, more than 20% of interactive flat panels are used outside the conference room scenes in 2020, and the use outside conference room scenes bring lots of increments to the interactive flat panel market.

In terms of education, the number of educational interaction large-screen volume increased by 8.8% in 2020 compared with the same period of last year, but the sales volume decreased by 5.7% compared with the same period of last year. The main reason behind this is the transfer of compulsory education and general high school policy funds to other educational informatization equipment such as video recording and broadcasting. On the contrary, the markets of kindergarten, teaching, colleges and universities, vocational education outside the compulsory education and high school markets have great development potential, which will become a potential market to continuously stimulate the Chinese educational interaction large-screen market in the future, and then it turns its attention to overseas. Students of OECD member countries account for 21.5% of the total overseas students. However, 80% of the overseas markets will appear in OECD member countries in 2020. According to OECD and World Bank data, the number of classrooms in OECD member countries exceeds 13 million, 1.58 times than that of Chinese market. According to DISCIEN data, the penetration rate of interaction large-screen in OECD member countries at this stage is about 15%, the penetration rate is low, and the market potential is huge.

In summary, the conference market needs to value the entry of new brands, the freely handing of products, and the emergence of scenes outside the conference room, while the education market needs to emphasize the potentiality of both preschool and high school, the education and training market, and also needs to focus the huge space in the overseas market.


Qianqian Zhuang, senior analyst of DISCIEN delivered a speech in the conference "Current Situation and Trend Prospects of Global Large Screen Splicing Market in 2021 - from the "Major Industry" to "Segmented Branch of the Industry" as the theme, in her view, large screen splicing is still in a high-speed growth period, the growth rate of liquid crystal splicing in the next three years will remain at more than 10%, growth rate of LED small pitch will remain at more than 20%, showing rapid growth.

The industry is evolved to segmented industries; at the same time, there are significant differences in liquid crystal splicing and LED small pitch in different application advantage fields. At present, it has entered the 2.0 stage from the 1.0 stage of industry. At the 1.0 stage of industry, it is mainly pulled by some large engineering projects such as Safe City and Skynet. After entering the 2.0 stage, with the improvement of user awareness of products and continuous optimization of costs, the industry application is gradually refined. Multiple application of sub-industries or branch industries have been derived under each segmented industry. Four different applications are involved in each branch industry. The command and dispatch, monitoring, conference and information display show that it can be called subordinated major industry and the growth performance is also different; more than half of LCD splicing is in monitoring, showing growth in both monitoring and information display; LED small pitch shows growth in command & dispatch and conference application because of different spacing and different applications in area;

In Zhuang Qianqian's view, the future large screen splicing market is closely related to "segmentation". It needs to subdivide products, industries, applications and channels, and each link is related to segmentation. Splicing and LED small pitch will also grow on their own advantages in the future.

Gou Huihui, a senior analyst at DISCIEN, delivered an exchange speech on the theme of "Current Situation and Trend Prospects - Convergence of Global Digital Signage Market in 2021: Product + Scenario > 2", and released the performance of global digital signage market in 2020. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the global shipment will be 2875K in 2020, and the market scale at home and abroad will drop by more than 25%.

In her opinion, in recent years, digital label products have been greatly impacted by liquid crystal splicing and commercial TV, and the substitution threat is great; At the same time, the profits of complete machine manufacturers are declining, from 35% in 2015 to about 15% in this year, and the competitive advantage of enterprises is weakening. In terms of the development path of digital signage, from stand-alone version to network version, to customized projects and to the overall industry solution, digital signage products are integrated, and integration is also the road to the future development of digital signage.

The large historical projects are also mostly integrated projects, and they have stimulated the growth of the market. Gou Huihui summarized the historical integration projects into three categories: scene integration, digital signage products and scene integration, like referred media, transportation vehicles, chain retail stores, etc.; functional integration: information display + functional products, like bright kitchen and stove, shared power bank, welfare lottery, sports lottery, self-service terminals, etc.; content integration: integration of specific content into digital signage products, such as construction of Party , People's Daily, rural taobao, etc.

Only by summarizing history can we better look forward to the future. From the timeline of historical major projects, the opportunities for project outbreaks are fluctuating and cyclical. So where is the future integration point? Gou Huihui believes that the future opportunities are mainly the following three types: function-integrated self-service terminal screens, which has great future potentiality in retail industry; the application of bar screens and other special-shaped screens in the scene-integrated transportation/retail scene; functionally integrated screens for shared power banks, and functionally integrated screens for fitness mirrors and fitness equipment. From the perspective of historical project leading enterprises, they are mainly operators and solution providers, who has the support of government and capital. The involvement of display screens in future market opportunities also needs to start with these two types of companies. While, the leading companies of different types of projects are quite different, and commercial display companies need to be connected separately.

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