Why Are Classrooms of Other Schools So Smart?

2021-09-17 09:40:43
Abstract:It is said that smart classrooms in other schools have been extremely welcomed Do you envy about it?

This blackboard is an uncommon one

Good-looking, writes well, and good for memory

Touch screen + traditional blackboard

Multimedia courseware + annotation of blackboard writing

All help you learn more

Don't like mobile/computer teaching?

Time to change your mind!

One-click projection onto the blackboard with mobile devices

with synchronous display of documents, pictures, and videos

All can’t be more convenient

Diverse display

"Magic" on the blackboard

Fancy drawings are easily done

Circles, cones, or spheres

Just by one touch, so easy

Two teachers in one class

Video call is available

Lecturer and teaching assistant in cooperation

Online teaching

Even for foreign teachers overseas

New visual experience

Untraditional classroom teaching

Viewing, Listening, touching, connection, all is more intelligent

That is the amazing product of Horion—Smart Blackboard

Bringing extraordinary classroom experience